Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cupcake Mania!

I have a confession. I love cupcakes. I love baking them, I love drawing them, I love writing about them, and unfortunately for my diet (which is on life support after the holidays!) I like eating them.

The night before Thanksgiving I came to a startling realization: I didn't have a lot longer to make pumpkin cupcakes before it'd be Christmas time. A matter of fact, I figured, I had about twenty four hours to get it done!

And of course, it being the eve of Thanksgiving, everyone else had the idea of using the kitchen as well. So unfortunately, cupcake baking was delegated to least important (bah, who needs sweet potato salad I say), and thus I had to wait. But finally I was able to bake on Thanksgiving, much to my boyfriend's mother's amusement, as you would think - as any normal person would be - that we'd all be lethargic from the ample amount of turkey and food we had eaten that day. But I was on a mission. And my cupcakes came out perfect.
I call this one perfect cupcake

I tried to ice it using a ziploc bag, a trick I had learned from one of my several cupcake books to make swirls when you didn't have an icing bag handy. But it being my first time, I cut the hole too big, and after two hours of baking, I was far too tired to start over and find a new bag. Instead, I smoothed out a little dollop of cream cheese icing on top of the cupcake (which were pumpkin spice - a mild enough combination for it to have been a muffin) and they were done.

Almost as soon as we had cleaned up the kitchen I wanted to make more cupcakes. But my boyfriend, who had patiently kept me company while I was baking the first time around, was exhausted. Oh, and it was nearly nine o'clock, meaning that soon we wouldn't have a kitchen to use.

Cupcake fever did not reside by noon the following day.

By this point I had posted pictures of the cupcakes I made on my own wall, and I had even found a couple of people to do a baking exchange with over the holidays. All of this was just furthering my desire to make cupcakes. I tried to read my books, and that only gave me a larger desire to go make cupcakes. Or, at least, play with icing. On a related note, last night I had a dream where someone gave me icing tips and bags for Christmas, wrapped in a ziploc bag.

So now what was I going to do? I didn't have a kitchen - let alone the ingredients I wanted - to make the cupcakes. Well the answer was obvious, I opened Inkscape and started to draw. What I came out with was awesome:

And that design pretty obviously became some of my new cards, freshly listed this morning:

Also, knowing me, I'm thinking there will be many more cupcakes to come! ;-)

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  1. I think the Christmas Tree cupcakes are totally and completely awesome!!!