Thursday, October 21, 2010

Planning for Success

Hey guys,

Turtlebug Goods is still in the planning stage, meaning it past the first test: is the break even point reasonable and obtainable? And yes, yes it is! But let me tell you, that was a close one while I was doing preliminary projections. I started off without much price guidance. All I had was a really good idea and an enjoyment for drawing on my tablet. In the time since then, I've valued and revalued my start up costs, trying to decide what to sell and what to wait on. I've chosen a good model and I'm really excited and very confident in what's going to happen. All that's left to do is order the true supplies and do a few tests, a little tweaking, and we're off!

In the coming weeks leading up to the official launch, I'll be posting information on the process, the business, and policies. In exciting and related news, Turtlebug Goods is officially and legally registered in the state of Colorado. How exciting!

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